Welcome to Interviews, the section at Pound for Pound where I stop talking and let others get a word in edgewise finally. The section is devoted to profiling and speaking with those whose work inspires me, giving me an excuse to reach out to all the producers, bands, DJs, architects, designers, scholars and more who I always wished I could hear more from. Some will share my aesthetic, some my politics, some will have expertise in a subject matter important to the site, some will be friends, some will be musicians, some will be visual artists, some architects, some geographers, some fashion designers, some friends. All will be smarter and more interesting than me. 

I am confident that many of the themes developing in the other sections—minimalism, nature, landscape, utopia, experimentation, repetition, austerity, precarity, anxiety, meditation—will turn up here and help to push things forward on all fronts. I hope you will check in and see who turns up here; I am certain that they will soon inspire you too.